Did you know…

71% of white-collar workers feel stressed about the amount of information they must process and act on while doing business; 60% feel overwhelmed.
~Institute of the Future, Menlo Park, CA 

Word vs. Excel

In my experience of training and consulting on Microsoft Office, I have (many times over) heard people say something like, “Oh, I tried Excel but I like using Word much better.” or vice versa. However, once someone knows the features of both they will understand how making a comment like that is like saying, “Oh, I tried using a hammer but I like using a screwdriver much better.”

Word and Excel are two completely different tools, made for different purposes. Just as you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to pound in a nail, you wouldn’t use Word to analyze data or Excel to create a document. Can you accomplish the task by using the wrong tool? Sure – if you have the time and patience. However, with just some very simple instruction, you will learn to appreciate and use both tools for their respective applications. Whether you take advantage of my Webinar series or choose to learn from another resource, I encourage you to invest a little time and money to learn as much as you can about both tools.

Word & Excel Tips

Some tips that always get an “Aha!” when I share them with clients and students…

In Excel:
ALT+Enter – Use this to force a new line of text /data within a cell
CTRL+; (semicolon) – Use this to insert the current date in a cell
CTRL+: (colon) – Use this to quickly copy the data from the above cell

In Both Word & Excel:
CTRL + C – Use this to copy selected data
CTRL + X – Use this to cut selected data
CTRL + V – Use this to paste selected data
CTRL + Z – Use this to undo! (My personal favorite)

A Thought to Ponder

“Never before has so much technology and information been available to mankind. Never before has mankind been so utterly confused.”
~ KPMG Advert, Financial Times, September 1998