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According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, 80% of our medical expenditures are now stress related.

Productivity & Organization Tip on Time Management

Ok, so a big snowfall is probably not going to happen today. As I write this from Ohio, it is a balmy 50 degrees outside. The remnants of snow from 2 weeks ago have vanished. I don’t know where you were when the ice and snow hit more than 2/3 of the US, but life came to a standstill in my little corner of the world. I was safe and we had power, so it was wonderful! In the absence of emails and phone calls, I was able to accomplish so much – and not just the urgent stuff either. I was able to move forward on some long-awaiting ideas.

Many of you have heard what I’m about to share before; I was a sophomore in college when my economics professor offered this piece of wisdom with the class. (Of course, at the time I didn’t recognize it as the wisdom I do today!) Professor Erickson advised us that for every hour spent in class, we should plan to spend 2 hours outside of class studying. I’m finding that that isn’t just true in an academic setting. In the business world, it seems that for every hour you spend in meetings, you tend to come away with work…sometimes less than 2 hours, sometimes more.

Therefore, remember to budget your days accordingly. A tip I frequently share with clients is not to schedule more than ½ your day. Spend at least 4 hours in your office, actually working, during an 8 hour day. In some professions, mine included, that’s not always feasible so I strive to not schedule more than ½ my week – enabling me to spend the other ½ working. I’m out of the office all day on Fridays so I guard Mondays as my in-office work day and schedule NO appointments. To make it happen for you, simply identify what your in-office hours will be and guard them firmly.

When someone suggests meeting during that time, say “No. I’m already scheduled during that time.” Don’t look at it as “open / available” time but rather time that is more important than any meeting you could possibly attend. It’s not rocket science but if you do it and stick to it, you just might feel like a rocket scientist when you manage to accomplish so much with your time!

A Thought to Ponder

“First we form habits, then they form us.” ~ Rob Gilbert