The problem:
You just hit send on an email and realized you forgot to include a piece of information or wish you had worded it differently. By default, your emails send immediately so now you have to send a follow-up email to the original.

The solution (A-ha!):
Adjust your Send/Receive Settings:

  1. In Outlook (desktop version*), click File > Options
  2. Click on the Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down to Send and receive section
  4. Remove the checkmark at “Send immediately when connected”
    Your emails will send during your next scheduled send/receive cycle. To view those settings, click the Send/Receive… button. I’ve adjusted my automatic send/receive to every 60 minutes, helping me stay focused without being tempted to read incoming emails. Note: you can always get emails sooner by manually kicking off the Send/Receive process, using the Send/Receive button.

Hope it help
s! Let me know if you have any questions. And please keep reading for even more A-ha! opportunities.

* If you use Outlook 365 (web-based version of Outlook), you’ll have to create a rule to accomplish this. Click here and then scroll down to “Delay the delivery of all messages” for those steps.