Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!


Though the writers of The Office meant that line from Michael Scott as a joke, I completely embrace it! In fact, it’s the closing message in my workspace organization workshop. My goal for attendees and clients alike is to get things out of their head and into a system. Instead of trying to remember it all, I want them to use their mental energy for their work and relationships and then be able to fully “turn it off” when it’s time to relax and rest.


Beyond the desk surface, you might need to tackle what’s inside the desk drawers or maybe what’s on the credenza to have an empty mind. Clutter happens in our electronic workspaces as well. So, you may need to spend time organizing your email inbox or your electronic files to free your mind.

If you would like to embrace the benefits of an empty mind, here are some tips:

Pick one area to tackle

Focus on one area and get it the way you want it. When you’re finished with it, move on to the next area.

Set a timer

You may not love organizing and you certainly have other responsibilities to accomplish during the day so dispel the notion that you’re going to spend a whole day on this. Instead, decide how much time you can give to the effort each day and set a timer. Then, while the timer is going, focus only on organizing the area you’ve decided. It could be as little as 15 minutes a day, but if you’re consistent, you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make.

Keep like items together

  • Make sure anything with a due date has a dedicated space and get those items together. These items are your priority each day and should be staged for quick access.

  • For items that you’d like to do but don’t have a due date, group them by function (Personnel related, Project related, etc) Keep these items separate from your items that do have due dates and schedule time on your calendar to work on them.

  • File items that don’t require any action but must still be kept. If you don’t have time to file, at least get them together and away from your other work. Then, use your timer to chip away at filing.

Of course, if you need an assist to make this happen, we’re here to help and have options to meet you at the level you want to commit. Click here to schedule a chat and we’ll find what option is best for you.

Enjoy today and happy organizing!