Whether you focus on the Lenten season or not, this time of year signals a fresh start for us all.  Trees and flowers will be budding soon (right?) and we will come out of our winter hibernation to greet our neighbors again.

As you come out of hibernation, I have a challenge for you.  What will be your fresh start?  Will you start something new? Perhaps an exercise routine that takes you outside to enjoy warmer temperature.  Or will you stop doing a negative habit?  Perhaps stopping smart phone use while driving.  Or for some of you, perhaps this season is a time for you to continue positive things that you’ve already started.  Perhaps you’re doing great with that New Year’s Resolution and just need to stay the course.

Organization Solutions has a few fresh starts as well. First, our Facebook page is getting a fresh start.  We encourage each of you to like us there and post your start/stop/continue item under the “Fresh Start Post” we’ve started.  Your idea may be exactly the inspiration someone else needs for their fresh start.  Watch our page frequently as we post inspiration and tips of our own.

Second, the makers of GO System are refocusing their business goals.  As a result, I will be launching my own workshop to help you find better ways to organize your workplace and manage your day.  Be watching for details on Facebook and my newsletters.

Blessings to you as you start, stop, or continue an activity this season. Oh, and a quick reminder this weekend marks the beginning of Daylight Savings time so turn those clocks ahead on Sunday!