I have the best job in the world! I get to meet so many amazing people. Their warmth and genuineness are always an inspiration to me. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sharing tips on balance with a group of people such as this. As usual, I walked away with more ideas than I had brought with me. Now you are the lucky recipients of my new (and growing) collection of ideas for balance.

My 4 D’s for Balance

  1. Don’t schedule more than 1/2 your day
    Or for me, I try not to schedule more than 1/2 my week. It is hard to stay organized in your office or home if you are rarely there.
  2. Do delegate at work & home
    My kids love their “lists”. (not really, but I do!)
  3. Do use a timer
    Set boundaries on your time so you don’t spend more time on something than you should.
  4. Do ask yourself all the time: “Is this more important than…?”
    It is easy to think that everything is important or that we should say yes every time we are asked to do/help with something. Be aware that every yes requires a sacrifice.

Their Ideas for Balance

* Hire a housecleaner
* Take your ironing to a drycleaner
* Set out clothes the night before
* Pack lunches the night before
* Stop folding everyone’s laundry. Kids should be able to start folding their own clothes at age 8.
* Plan grocery trips and limit to 1 trip/week (the extra time you spent in planning will pay off in more time at home)
* Listen to books in the car
* Wash and cut up veggies as soon as you get home (or have your kids do it)
* Purchase a Roomba (especially great if you have to keep up with pet hair)
* Carpool
* Prep/Cook ahead (dice onions, cut up veggies, fry ground beef & freeze in 1# batches)
* Stop couponing
* Lump errands/meetings together (so you don’t spend the whole day/evening driving)
* Use mesh bags and wash kids’ undies & socks together (each in their own mesh bag)
* Use online banking
* Smart phone app: Card Cruncher (stores all of your membership & loyalty cards, instead of carrying them all in your wallet!)


A Thought to Ponder:

“There must be more to life than having everything.”
~Maurice Sendak

I challenge you to think:
“There must be more to life than doing everything.”