Hi friends ,

I sincerely hope you are having a great summer and taking some time for yourself during this season. You may have noticed, by the lack of newsletters, that I did! Winter and spring were busy, busy, busy and I needed a little pause. I’m rejuvenated and excited for the rest of the year. I am looking forward to our fall Express Training sessions (see list below the A-ha!) and hope to reconnect with you at one (or more) of them.

This year has been full of transitions for me. One of those is the focus of this newsletter and video. I am not one who pushes people to paperless. Rather, I encourage you to find and stick with whatever works for you! But for those of you, like me, who love notetaking but were experiencing some downfalls with traditional pen and paper, this A-ha! is for you.

Hope it helps! Be sure to scroll down for even more A-ha! opportunities.


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My Frustration with Traditional Notetaking:
  1. Paper notes aren’t always with me like digital files are.
  2. Paper notes aren’t as convenient to retrieve when you need them nor are they searchable.
  3. Paper is generally made from trees. And I love trees.

The Solution: Rocketbook!
The art and act of notetaking combined with the ease of keeping digitally and being earth-friendly.

How it works:

  • Jot notes in your Rocketbook, using their special pen. (They have lots of sizes, styles, and colors, and different colored pens too.)
  • When done with your notes, use their app on your smartphone to quickly upload to your desired location.
    • You can have several upload destinations.
    • With the click of a setting, it will transcribe your handwritten notes so they are searchable! (Note: It doesn’t fix handwriting. 😉 If your handwriting is difficult for others to read, it will also be difficult to transcribe.)
    • These notes are easily edited/added to in Microsoft Edge or your preferred pdf software.
  • Then, with a spritz of water and a cloth, wipe your pages clean so they are ready for the next time! (I recommend opening your digital file first to make sure it scanned properly before wiping your Rocketbook clean!)

As with everything else, I recommend developing standards and a system for managing these notes so they’re effective for you and not just digital clutter.

Want to skip the video and go straight to the product? Click here. (Fine print: I am an Amazon Affiliate for this product so I may earn a few cents if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.)