Have you moved to Windows 11 yet? If not, I expect you will soon. Word on the street has it that Microsoft won’t let us stay where we are (in older versions of Windows) like they used to. So if you’re in Windows 11 now, I hope this helps. And if you aren’t yet, you might want to hang on to this tip for future reference!

Hope it helps! Be sure to scroll down for even more A-ha! opportunities.

The Frustration:
In Windows 11, whenever you get close to where the Start button used to be, 40% of your screen fills with news and stuff you don’t care about at the moment.

The Solution (A-ha!):
We have 2 options: We can hide it completely or keep it but prevent it from displaying automatically.

  • If you don’t want the widget on the taskbar at all, you can remove it by going to
    Settings > Personalization > Taskbar (or just use the search box to search: widget).
    From the Settings pane, set the feature to off.

  • To keep the widget, so you can access it by choice, but not have it automatically display when you get near it:
  1. Click on the widget to display the feed
  2. In the upper right corner, you’ll see what looks like your User Account image. Click it to access Widget Settings.
  3. From there you can manage your Widget Settings and, most importantly, turn off the setting to display on hover.