The problem:

The e-mail you are replying to has a dark page color or pattern applied, making your response hard to see. (Perhaps you’re even replying to one of my newsletters. LOL)

The solution (A-ha!):
Note: If you reply to emails via the reading pane, you will have to pop the email out so you can access the full message ribbon. After clicking reply/forward, the Pop Out button will appear in the upper right hand corner.

  1. While replying to (or forwarding) the email, click in the body of the email
  2. Click on the Options tab
  3. At Page Color: Choose No Color.
  4. Type message and send.
    If you cannot see the text as you type, Outlook has made the font color white. You will need to change your font color as well which can be done from the message ribbon

Feel free to practice by replying to or forwarding this email!

Hope it helps! Keep reading for even more A-ha! opportunities.