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Our Advanced classes are designed for the experienced user of Microsoft Word. In the sessions that follow, we’ll introduce you to some tools that will help you save time and effort!

Recommended Prerequisites: A basic, working knowledge of Word (for help with that, see our sessions in Word Fundamentals)


Word: What you don’t know but should!  Format Painter, Quick Access toolbar, Paragraph Spacing. If any of those features are unfamiliar to you then you need to watch this course! In addition to those topics, we cover tips and tricks for line spacing, alignment, bulleted & numbered lists, and my favorite keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve ever experienced headaches with how Word functions, chances are this session will be the remedy

eLearning Length: 45 Minutes; $29


Word Tables: In certain instances, inserting a table in Word just might be the perfect solution in a Word document. Janet will share instances when and why she’s used a Word Table instead of an Excel spreadsheet. She will also teach you how to create, format, and use your own tables.

eLearning Length: 42 Minutes; $29


Styles, Themes & Table of Contents: Styles are probably the best kept secret in Microsoft Word (and they’ve been around for decades)! After an hour with me you’ll agree, they are more than a pretty face. Topics include: Using styles, changing themes, and creating a table of contents.

eLearning Length: 44 Minutes; $29


Mail Merge: The trick to using Mail Merge is knowing all the tricks in Mail Merge! Maybe you knew it back when there was a Wizard that walked you through the steps but the newer versions of Microsoft Word have left you stumped. Or perhaps you’ve never taken the time to work with Mail Merge at all. It’s actually a very simple tool but the most important step is setting up your list correctly from the start. I’ll go over that, as well as, how to merge that list into a document or label. You will be surprised by how easy to is to use and just how many ways you can use it. (It’s not just for letters and envelopes!)

eLearning Length: 30 Minutes; $29 – COMING SOON!


Word: Headers & Footers: You likely know the basics of creating Headers and Footers in Microsoft Word. But as with every session, I’ll help you know what you don’t know! We’ll explore how to save our standard Headers and Footers so that we can quickly reuse them (without recreating them!) Plus, we’ll take a dive into fields that automatically update and how we might use them in our Headers and Footers.

eLearning Length: 42 Minutes; $29

In addition to the eLearning products listed above, all of our sessions can be delivered onsite.  Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization.

Recommended Courses for Continued Learning

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