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Is your Outlook Inbox less like an inbox and more like a storage unit? Is the sheer volume of emails overwhelming you? Do you find yourself taking one step forward and two steps back trying to stay ahead of the emails? In this workshop, we will provide some simple solutions for de-cluttering your inbox as well as provide solutions for keeping it clutter free. In addition to email management, this class will discuss calendar features, automatic e-mail processing features, folder creation, contact management tools and a variety of other tools designed to help you feel more in control. Though the videos were recorded using Outlook 2013, these sessions will be helpful to users of any of the newer versions of Outlook (2007, 2010, and 2013).

Recommended Prerequisites: A basic, working knowledge of Outlook

Class Length

Live Workshop: 1, 4 hour session – Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization
eLearning: 6 sessions listed below. Sessions may be purchased individually. 
Click here to purchase them as a bundle, getting 5 sessions for the price of 4!


Inbox Management Strategies: We will discuss some basic principles that you can start doing to help keep your email from taking over. These principles apply regardless of the software tool you use for email. We’ll also look at the many settings and options  available in Outlook.

eLearning Length: 35 Minutes;  $29



Organization in Outlook: Outlook has many views and different ways of looking at your email. We’ll explore the different ways you can arrange your Outlook window. Additionally, we’ll look at the optimum way to set up your Outlook folders.

eLearning Length: 63 Minutes;  $29



Rules, Categories & Flags: Rules are what Outlook uses to help you automatically process emails and reduce inbox clutter. Categories do exactly that…help you categorize your Outlook content, making it easier to group like items. Flags can serve as helpful reminders. We’ll learn how to use all these tools to make your inbox  – and mind – clutter-free.

eLearning Length: 44 Minutes;  $29



Time Saving Techniques: Admittedly, this session title is pretty generic but the content is anything but generic. With over a decade of experience in facilitating Outlook workshops, I’ll share my collection of tips and best practices, including voting buttons and alternative uses for signatures. A minute saved is a minute earned!

eLearning Length: 36 Minutes;  $29



Calendar & Contact Tools: How we manage our calendar directly affects the amount of progress we make each day. In this session, we’ll go over some key habits for managing your calendar. We will also explore shortcuts, tips and tools in the Calendar and Contact functions of Outlook.

eLearning Length: 47 Minutes;  $29

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