Excel Advanced

How to Use Excel

Our Advanced classes are designed for the veteran user of Excel.  Our goal here is to show you some tools with which you may not be familiar and to help you save some time and effort!

Recommended Prerequisites: A basic, working knowledge of Excel


Excel Worksheet Options: When one sheet just won’t do, we’ll explore how you can set up and use multiple sheets in the same workbook file. Topics include: Inserting, Moving, Copying and Deleting worksheets, Changing sheet properties, and Linking worksheets.

eLearning Length: 43 Minutes; $29  


Excel Advanced Formulas: If Statements, Absolute Cell References, Text Formulas and more! If you would like to know more about working with formulas, this session is for you!

eLearning Length: 58 Minutes; $29  


Restricting & Protecting Data in Excel: Scared someone will mess things up in your beloved spreadsheet? In this session, we’ll discuss various options for protecting your information and restricting what others can see and do in a spreadsheet. Topics include file level passwords and protection, locking cells, protecting a spreadsheet, and data validation.

eLearning Length: 33 Minutes; $29  


Excel Advanced Formatting: So you know the basics of formatting your spreadsheets. In this session we’ll explore some lesser known features that are super helpful! Topics include using the Font Formats, Number Format Options, Alignment Options, Themes, and Cell Styles.

eLearning Length: 67 Minutes; $29  


PivotTables & PivotCharts: PivotTables let you quickly and effortlessly organize and analyze your data in countless ways, often with no formula writing involved.  Even better, with a click of a button you can create a chart from the PivotTable that makes sense! In this session we’ll discuss the critical first step to creating a PivotTable, how to get started, and the many options available for seeing your data.

eLearning Length: 46 Minutes; $29  


Excel Forms and Templates: Tired of filling out forms, paper or electronic, that just really aren’t set up efficiently? This session will be one-part learning the necessary tools and settings for creating a form in Excel and one-part using them! We’ll spend part of this session actually creating a form from scratch so you’ll see the process, and tools needed, from beginning to end!

eLearning Length: 58 Minutes; $29


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