Hard Copy File Organization

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This workshop contains strategies and easy-to-implement approaches to set up your filing systems to be more organized, focused, and productive every day.


  • Filing with Ease: This course offers some solutions to help you get your hard copy files more organized and set up in a way that is far easier to maintain than traditional methods. It is the fourth course in our workshop “A Better Way to…Organize Your Workspace” which was filmed with a live audience. If you’re interested in the whole collection of ideas designed to help you organize your workspace, please check it out under the “Better Way To” tab. Or if you are just looking for some quick and easy tips on filing, then this course is for you.

eLearning Length: 25 Minutes (recorded at live workshop);  $29


In addition to the eLearning products listed above, all of our courses can be delivered onsite.  Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization.

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