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As we focus on efficiencies, below are some resources and sessions for general computer use, Windows, and Microsoft Office. These sessions are intended to help you make every minute count!


  • Keyboarding Skills: After years of watching people use only a fraction of their fingers while typing, I finally decided keyboarding skills were important enough to include here. Increase your productivity simply by learning to use all your fingers! There are lots of resources available. Here are a few of my favorite no-fee sites that are also really fun! (A reasonable 1st goal is 35-40 words per minute, eventually growing your speed for the professional environment to 60-75 wpm).


Windows Tips & Tools: For every new version of Windows, there are new features that are not apparent unless someone tells you about them. In this course, we will share these features including desktop tricks, start menu tips, and tools to help you navigate the newest version of Windows efficiently.

Windows 10 Tips & Tools: eLearning Length: 73 Minutes; $29


Getting Started with Microsoft Office: The sessions listed below are designed to be crash courses in the respective program. We highly recommend taking the respective Fundamentals course for comprehensive training. However, if you are short on time and need to get up to speed on a topic quickly, these will do just that. The course below will be applicable regardless of the version of Microsoft Office that you use.

Excel Getting Started: eLearning Length: 52 Minutes;  $29


PowerPoint Getting Started: eLearning Length: 43 Minutes;  $29


Shapes & The Drawing Ribbon: Fun with shapes! Janet will show you how – and why – you might want to use shapes in your various Office applications, such as Tables of Organization and Flow Charts. She will also go over her favorite formatting and drawing tools for working with shapes. Topics include: inserting shapes, sizing and moving shapes, formatting and drawing tools.

eLearning Length: 45 Minutes; $29


In addition to the eLearning products listed above, all of our sessions can be delivered onsite.  Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization.

Recommended Courses for Continued Learning

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