Organization & Productivity Boot Camp

You can’t be more organized until you take control of your day.

You can’t take control of your day until you are more organized.

This Boot Camp will help you with both!

Finding a better way to live and work is all about changing habits. In this 10-session program, you’ll learn techniques to be better organized and more productive each day. Janet has taken her two popular four-hour workshops, A Better Way to Organize Your Workspace & A Better Way to Manage Your Workday,  and broken them into smaller segments. Each session will walk you through a key concept, making it easy to understand and easy to implement. We encourage you to watch a session, think about what habits you should implement / change, and complete the corresponding homework before moving on to the next session.

No, there won’t be a drill sergeant in your face any any point. You are encouraged to proceed at your own pace. Of course, if you would still like someone to help you implement as you go and get those new habits to stick, let us know! We do that as well. (but I promise, we still won’t be in your face at any point!)

You can expect to spend approximately 2 hours each week to complete this Boot Camp in 10 weeks. Since it’s self-paced, you are free to go as quickly or slowly as you’d like. A more detailed agenda will be emailed upon registration.

Included in the Boot Camp:

  • 10 sessions zeroing in on organization and productivity, delivered one at a time at completion of the previous session
  • Monthly chats with Janet and other graduates to ask questions, get support, and address any tricky situations
  • Newsletter subscription to receive organization, productivity, and Microsoft Office tips delivered to your email inbox
  • Access to a private YouTube channel with additional tips and ideas for organization and productivity specifically created for Boot Camp participants and graduates

Contact us to enroll!