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How to Use Excel

Excel spreadsheets, when set up correctly, can be a tremendous asset and time-saver to an individual or organization. However, the reverse is also true – when not set up correctly they can be cumbersome and provide no value other than a report of data. In this workshop, you will learn the guidelines for setting up an Excel spreadsheet for maximum benefit, the pitfalls to avoid, and powerful tools available if the guidelines are followed.

Recommended Prerequisites: A basic, working knowledge of Excel.

Learning Options

Live Workshop: 1, 4 hour session – Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization
eLearning: 5 sessions listed below.  Sessions may be purchased individually. Click here to purchase them as a bundle, getting 5 sessions for the price of 4!


Creating an Effective Spreadsheet: Too often I work with clients because they have set up elaborate spreadsheets that do absolutely nothing for them. Learn how to set up a spreadsheet that will unlock powerful tools in Excel that do the work for you.

eLearning Length: 31 Minutes;  $29 


Page SetUp Tools: It is difficult to create an effective spreadsheet if you don’t know how to apply some valuable formatting such as printing column labels on every page or freezing your display.

eLearning Length: 31 Minutes;  $29


Sorting & Subtotals: Most everyone I meet knows how to sort in Excel but too frequently, they’re doing it the long way!  I’ll show you how to sort quickly and safely, how to do some advanced sorts, and how to have Excel automatically group and summarize your data with Subtotals.

eLearning Length: 24 Minutes;  $29


Filtering & Finding: When you are working with large amounts of data, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Additionally, sometimes you would just like to see a subset of your data without changing the sort order.  I’ll show you how to do all of that plus get quick answers from your data.

eLearning Length: 41 Minutes;  $29


PivotTables & PivotCharts: PivotTables let you quickly and effortlessly organize and analyze your data in countless ways, often with no formula writing involved.  Even better, with a click of a button you can create a chart from the PivotTable that makes sense! In this session we’ll discuss the critical first step to creating a PivotTable, how to get started, and the many options available for seeing your data.

eLearning Length: 46 Minutes;  $29

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