…Manage Your Workday

Work Life Balance 5

This workshop will teach you some simple tips and techniques to get the most of your day, every day. First, we’ll begin by understanding some of the foundational issues that cause disorganization, including interruptions, behaviors, and how we manage our time. Then we’ll explore methods for handling each of those issues. As a result of implanting the techniques learned in class, you can expect greater focus on projects and tasks, strategies for managing interruptions, reduced stress, and improved work/life balance.

Learning Options

Live Workshop: 1, 4 hour session – Contact Us to schedule a live workshop for your organization
eLearning: 5 sessions listed below. Sessions may be purchased individually. Click here to purchase them as a bundle, getting 5 sessions for the price of 4!


Personal Examination: Examine the choices and commitments you make and how they help or hinder your organization, productivity, and life balance.

eLearning Length: 25 Minutes;  $29


Productivity Killers (& Solutions): Identify workplace productivity killers and discover solutions for stopping them, with a special emphasis on multitasking.

eLearning Length: 43 Minutes;  $29


Time Management Strategies: Understand simple tips for managing time and setting boundaries on the time that you do have.

eLearning Length: 28 Minutes;  $29


Time Recovery Strategies: Learn strategies for reclaiming lost time that occurs every day, with a special emphasis on handling interruptions.

eLearning Length: 37 Minutes;  $29


Intentional Change: Develop methods to ensure you succeed at the changes you desire to make.

eLearning Length: 28 Minutes;  $29

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